TH Group fully commits to a brighter future.

From reducing our carbon footprint to investing in our employees, TH does not shy away from its corporate responsibilities.

Investing in a better tomorrow

By committing to clean energy, implementing good governance practices and investing in a circular economy and skilled workforce, TH Group is taking significant steps towards a more sustainable business model.


As from 2022 onwards, TH will start to monitor its carbon footprint and the evolution of this footprint trough monthly reporting.

TH is a dealer of manufacturers that share the same vision and develop tangible initiatives to contribute to a more sustainable future. Today, the focus of these partners is mainly on lower fuel consumption and emissions from the traditional powertrains (mainly diesel) and the development of alternative “clean” new powertrains based on electricity and hydrogen.

TH Turbos has, in recent years, strategically repositioned itself from a distributor of new turbos to a remanufacturer (and repairer), and has thus moved to a more circular economy business model.

TH continues to permanently invest in its infrastructure with a specific focus on sustainability. More than 1 MW of solar panels has already been installed on the TH premises, and other environmental friendly elements (LED-lighting, ventilation, insulation,…) are also structurally taken into account.


At TH we know that our most valuable asset are our employees. It is their dedication and talents that delivers the company’s results year after year. In order to stimulate this even more, TH focusses on:

A diversity and equal opportunities strategy with regards to employees

Continuous development of its employees with trainings, education, providing professional literature and so on

Accountability, collaboration, leading the way for others, looking ahead and a lot more

TH also aims to actively support specific social initiatives by supporting specific local associations, events and initiatives.


TH has implemented a clear and transparent governance structure that has to ensure that we achieve our ambitions with regards to corporate responsibility.

Several initiatives were developed and implemented in this context:

Clear targets with regards to a healthy balance sheet structure and financials

Transparent periodical reportings and meetings, both financial and other

TH Compliance framework and trainings with subjects such as amongst others anti-money-laundering, anti-bribery, privacy protection, know-your-customer, competition-law, export requirements, …