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TH Trucks Roeselare was first founded in 1986 under the name of 'Autobedrijf Decock'. Over the years the dealership operated under different names, such as 'Spillier-Decock Roeselare' and later 'Turbotrucks Roeselare'.  Since September 2015 this branch has taken up residence in a brand-new garage in the Bruggesteenweg 249 in Hooglede, literally in the back-yard of TH Group.

Our workshop, an official service point for DAF -both trucks and buses-  has always been known to have a clear focus on customer satisfaction. Besides DAF, we are also a service point for WABCO and Dhollandia. TH Trucks Roeselare is a multi-brand workshop and can help you with any transport related question : one-stop shopping. Be it for Iveco, MAN, Volvo, coaches, trailers, Haldex, Knorr or any other vehicle type or brand, we can offer you the best parts and service.

But of course TH Trucks is not only about service and parts : sales is also an important part of our activities. TH Trucks sells DAF trucks, Fiat Professional vans and Kögel trailers. In short, you can contact us for any kind of vehicle and we will surely be able to help you. In case we can’t answer the question in-house, we can put you in touch with one of the product specialists within the TH Group.

At TH Trucks Roeselare we continuously invest in the uptime of our customers with an extensive stock of spare parts in our warehouse. We can appeal to the spare parts in the 16 other warehouses of the group in Belgium and France. Thanks to our internal transport system, parts for DAF, Iveco, Schmitz, Kögel, TRP, Cargofloor, BPW, ROR, Haldex, Knorr, Wabco and SAF are available in our warehouse in no time, which enables us to guarantee quick delivery to our customers.

We constantly think about what our customers’ expectations will be tomorrow, we build toward the future and aim for perfection. To be able to achieve this, we have state-of-the-art equipment at our disposal and a team of highly-qualified mechanics.

Our special equipment to calibrate tachographs and our brake test bench is indispensable. Thanks to our diagnostic tools for Wabco, Haldex and Knorr, we can also make a perfect diagnosis for these brands.

Moreover, we maintain your entire fleet : trailers, semi-trailers, flatbeds, walking floors, hydraulic installations, …. TH Trucks Roeselare takes care of them all.

Maintenance, repairs, calibration of tachographs, adjusting brakes, repairing parking heaters, … are on our daily to-do list. Not only can we service and repair your DAF, all other brands, buses as well as trailers, are welcome in our workshop. To guarantee a constant quality, our personnel is continuously retrained and kept up-to-date.

Service is our key word. If you face a problem on the road, we are ready to help you day and night.

Our road assistance works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Thanks to our cooperation with DAF and their ITS programme (International Truck Service) we can make sure that every vehicle is assisted to in short notice.

2015 is an important year in the history of TH Trucks Roeselare with the opening of our new dealership. It is located in Hooglede, literally in the backyard of the corporate offices of TH Group. With this new investment we want to serve our customers even better and help them optimise their profitability and uptime.

At TH Trucks Roeselare a young and dynamic team is always ready to help you!

TH Trucks Roeselare


+32 51 23 19 19

+32 51 24 03 54

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