Nissan NT500

  • Solid
  • Comfortable
  • Powerful

The NT500 is a solid and modern truck.  It enables you to carry heavy loads without having to give up on driving comfort.  This truck can carry from  3.5 ton to 7.5 ton and is indispensable for companies that have a lot of materials and goods to transport.

The impressive and bold design of the NT500 homes a well-equipped, functional and comfortable interior.  The cab can easily accomodate 3 persons and numerous storage facilities are built in. Moreover, all connection facilities are provided for you to continue working, even when you are on the road.  The progressive cab guarantees an outstanding manoeuvrability for a truck of its size.

The cab of the NT500 can be tipped, facilitating maintenance and reducing the maintenance cost to a minimum.  The latter is also due to its maintenance interval of 40 000 km. This truck is provided with a 4-cylinder engine, 3.0l ZD30 of 150 or 177 hp, completely complying with the EURO 6 standards for CO2-emissions and fuel consumption reduction.

To respond even better to your specific needs, this vehicle has a reinforced frame and different possible wheelbases to reconvert for your particular business (tipper, body box, tank, etc.).