Nissan NT400 CabStar

  • Maximum payload capacity
  • Manoeuvrable
  • Budget-friendly maintenance

With the highest payload capacity in the market, the NT400 Cabstar is the solution for you if you regularly face problems with overload.  This vehicle can easily cope with a load of 1.5  ton and is also available as a tipper.  Due to the compact dimensions and the progressive cab, the NT 400 combines extreme agility with a maximum load capacity.  This safe and easily manoeuvrable vehicle is the perfect match for your business.

The spacious and comfortable cab ensures comfort and visibility for all users, whether it is being used on a yard or for road transport to deliver goods.  The 2.5L  direct injection engine guarantees sufficient power in all circumstances, be it driving up a hill fully loaded or driving on a yard with a bumpy soil.  The Euro 5B+ engine, adapted to the European ecological standards, is powerful, economical and silent at the same time.

The NT400 Cabstar is your budget's ally thanks to its low maintenance cost (due to the interval of 40 000 km).  This vehicle is available in 3.2 ton, 3.5 ton en 4.5ton and in a 121, 136 of 150 hp-version.  With the 3-year warranty offered by Nissan, this the answer of professionals anticipating the needs of professionals.

This modular system has a chassis that can easily be adapted to your needs.