Quick availability of new and remanufactured turbochargers

We provide new turbochargers to all market segments: personal vehicles, transport, maritime, industry, construction and agriculture. It is important for every sector that the motor or machine is standing still as briefly as possible. Thanks to our extensive experience and knowledge of the market, we strategically developed our stock of new turbochargers in such a way that we are a reliable and fast supplier for every market.

Order a new turbocharger online

With our large supply of turbochargers, we can quickly provide a turbo for 98% of vehicles. Whether it concerns a revised or new turbo, Turbo's Hoet has an on-demand solution for all market segments. All our turbochargers are delivered within 30 minutes*, including a No Hassle Warranty and technical support. We provide a complete installation package for disruption-free functioning after installation,  including mounting kit and extensive assembly instructions with each turbo. View our current extensive stock of turbochargers in the turbo shop


We limit downtime to a minimum

Commercial interests are always involved if a truck, excavator or tractor is disabled due to a defective turbo. We limit standstill and economic loss to a minimum. We do so by providing a replacement turbo from our stock or by remanufacturing the defective turbo within 24 hours in our advanced workshops. 

Whether it concerns a new turbo or a revised one, our technical support during disassembly and assembly will ensure a disruption-free turbo in no time.