Replacing a turbocharger is not an everyday job. It is a job in which things can go wrong. In 95 percent of cases, the faulty turbo is not the cause, but a consequence of a problem elsewhere. With Turbo's Hoet, you have the knowledge of the largest turbo specialist in Europe at your fingertips. You will receive support in making the correct diagnosis and you will be helped quickly and competently with our repair service or huge stock of turbos.

Become a turbospecialist

By joining our unique TurboPartner formula, you reduce your risks to a minimum and become a specialist in turbocharger replacement..

As an official TurboPartner of Turbo's Hoet, you are supported before, during and after the assembly of the turbocharger. How do we do that? By sharing our turbo knowledge with you during a technical TurboTraining and subsequently giving you access to our turbo-knowledge bank. We then support you during fitting of the turbo with item number specific instructions so that optimal fitting is guaranteed. Register now. More information.