A 2-year warranty on new ánd reman turbos

Besides top-quality turbochargers,  Turbo's Hoet / TH Turbos  offers valuable technical knowledge. That’s why we are the only ones to offer 2 years warranty.  On áll turbochargers, new or reman.  In close cooperation with the garage owners, we make sure that the end-customer can embark on many carefree miles again.

The TH Turbos warranty includes :

  • Technical training
  • No quibble
  • Replacement turbo free of charge

Unique 2-year warranty


A faultless turbocharger is the result of an ideal combination : the best quality and the right technical support.  Which in turn leads to security for our customers.  Only Turbo's Hoet grants a 2-year warranty on áll turbos. 

No Quibble Warranty:  TurboPartners benefit even more

Garage owners that register as a TurboPartner get technical training ánd technical support before, during and after installation. A TurboPartner can count on the generous ‘No Quibble Warranty’ : a replacement turbo up to a year after delivery, regardless of the cause of the breakdown.  Thousands of garages in Europe have already registered.  Register now on turbopartner.th-group.eu!