Turbo repairs

Your turbocharger repaired using the latest technologies

Quality is a key word at Turbo's Hoet / TH Turbos.  In our workshops, each turbocharger is repaired according to the latest manufacturers’ specifications.  To accomplish that, we use advanced technologies and we continuously invest in the knowledge of our mechanics. That’s how we guarantee high-quality repairs.  We put stringent requirements to each turbo repair, so you can be sure that once your turbocharger has been repaired, it has the same quality as a new one, or even better.  

Turbo repairs from disassembly to final check-up 

The repair process of a turbocharger consists of six main steps : disassembly, inspection, cleaning, installation, balancing and final check-up.  During this process, we pay extra attention to the balancing. Surely you can imagine what the slightest imbalance can cause in a turbocharger that makes more than 230.000 revs a minute.


Generous warranty conditions

We are convinced that the outstanding quality of our turbocharger repairs will meet your expectations.  Our technical support, before, during and after installation, plays an important role here.   Moreover, you can count on generous warranty conditions that guarantee maximum security. 

Need turbo repairs?  Call us at  +32 51 27 50 50 for Belgium, and +31 33 247 30 90 for The Netherlands!