Do you want optimal availability of your turbocharger?  TH Turbos can guarantee that.  Including a 2-year warranty and excellent technical support. 

The largest turbocharger specialist in Europe

Turbo's Hoet / TH Turbos is the biggest turbocharger specialist in Europe.  For over forty years our customers have been experiencing the advantage of our knowledge and experience.  Over the years we have already sold over one million turbochargers. Not surprisingly Turbo's Hoet is ‘Number 1 in turbos’. 

The core of this success is that we think and act from the point of view of the customer.

Therefore we offer our customers :

  • An extensive stock
  • Technical knowledge

  • a 2-year warranty


Turbocharger delivered within 24 hours

Our strategy combines technical knowledge with a personal approach.  This implies that we take into account the demands of your customers towards you as a reseller.  And that’s why we offer more than turbochargers.   When you buy  a turbocharger at Turbo's Hoet /  TH Turbos,  it is delivered to you within 24 hours and it works perfectly thanks to our technical support.

Turbochargers as a growth market

With a turbocharger an engine with a similar cilinder capacity delivers more power.  And at the same time there is less emission of harmful substances. A turbocharger is therefore very beneficial for both the environment and your wallet.  That is why the turbo market has been growing enormously over the last few years.  And this growth will continue the coming years.  We are ready for it.  Are you?

Need a turbocharger?  TH Turbos is the specialist. Call us at
+32 51 27 50 50 for Belgium,
+31 33 247 30 90 for the Netherlands or
+33 32 076 99 50 for France