Maintenance contracts and planning

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Legally required inspections
  • Maximum vehicle availability

Do you want a tailormade package that offers you more security for a fixed price per mile?  Then choose one of our maintenance contracts.

With its DAF Multisupport Care packages, DAF Warranty Plus packages and the underlying organisation, DAF offers a wide variety of standard services including various options.  With the DAF Multisupport Services you can select one of the following, predefined service packages, depending on the level of security that you desire.

By joining such a programme, you can count on a maximum availibility of your vehicle and, on top of that, its residual value will be considerably increased. These programmes make your life easier : financially you know exactly how much the maintenance cost of your fleet will be each month. As far as administration is concerned, you can make use of our professionally developed system for maintenance planning. 

For more detailed information, download the brochure here.

You can also find more information about a similar support programme for Iveco here.