Iveco Stralis

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The new STRALIS Hi-Way: most important innovations

The most important characteristics of the new STRALIS Hi-Way are the significantly low operating costs and the Hi-eSCR system for catalytic reduction, developed and patented by FPT Industrial.

The new STRALIS combines product quality with a range of  related services, such as road assistance, fleet management and training courses for environmentally conscious driving. With the new STRALIS  hauliers can reduce their operating cost for long distances up to 4%, a significant figure for a STRALIS Hi-Way-tractor that covers an average distance of over 130.000 kilometers in 4 years.

The new STRALIS is equipped with engines of the Cursor FPT Industrial range, guaranteeing low fuel consumption and high performance.  Thanks to the exclusive  High Efficiency SCR (HI-eSCR) system, developed, patented and produced by FPT Industrial,  the new STRALIS is the only vehicle in the market meeting the EURO 6  standards without making use of EGR.  The FPT Industrial High Efficiency SCR system reduces nitrogen oxide emissions with more than 95%. The post processing technology Euro VI FPT Industrial is unique and exclusive since it meets the imposed limit values for nitrogen oxide emissions without causing a negative impact on the fuel consumption.

Maintenance and repairs

The new Iveco Stralis also excels in the area of maintenance and repairs for its unrivalled performance.  Iveco offers specific service programmes for maximum productivity, such as non-stop road assistance (ANS24) and tailor-made after sales programmes (Elements) at the sharpest price.  This all helps the haulier to reduce downtime of his vehicle to an absolute minimum.


The residual value of a product is the reflection of its intrinsic quality:  therefore we developed a new cab with high-quality materials and innovating cabin equipment. Moreover, with the Iveconnect system the latest technology is at your disposal.

Iveconnect Fleet enables you to continuously monitor the driving and rest periods of your drivers in order to avoid traffic violations and optimize the availability and performance of your fleet. By downloading the information into  your computer system you maximize and automate your logistic activities and thus reduce your costs. 

Fuel consumption is the most important cost for a haulier : the new Stralis combines all the technology used for the Ecostralis with some other solutions, allowing you to save up to 10 % of fuel.  The Ecoswitch system limits the maximum speed and optimalizes the performance of the gearbox depending on the actual load of the vehicle.  Ecofleet partially switches off the manual control of the half-automatic gearbox Eurotronic to avoid the driver from driving inefficiently.

TPMS "Tyre Pressure Monitoring System" causes  a decrease of fuel consumption and tyre wear, and at the same time improves the vehicle's safety. But these featurs don't put an end to the search for cost reduction and progress.  That's why we applied new solutions to maximize the performance of the vehicle. 

 "Driving style evaluation"  is a programme that helps drivers reduce their fuel consumption immediately.  Through its connection to the Iveconnect Fleet system, fleet managers can follow the performance of every driver from a distance.