Iveco Daily chassis cab

  • New architecture
  • Design
  • Manoeuvrability
  • Performance

The new Daily once again comes with its typical frame with chassis beams, an exclusivity among light commercial vehicles.  This characteristic is highly important for the solidity, versatility and durability of the vehicle.  Its unrivalled chassis is highly estimated by professional users. That's why they choose the Daily : the only commercial vehicle with a permissible load weight  of up to 7 ton.  The new chassis cab excells for its robustness and for its features that simplify the life of bodybuilders.    

The new QUAD-LEAF front suspension is more solid  (+ 100 kg maximum payload capacity) and lighter (-40 kg for the chassis cab) than the previous version. The QUAD-TOR suspension permits a maximum load on the front axle of up to 25.000 kg (2.100 kg for the 35C en 50C models) for heavy applications.

Moreover the third generation of the Daily strongly focuses on customer profitability, with a fuel consumption drop of more than 5 % compared to the former model.  It goes without saying that this results in a considerable decrease of the company costs (TCO).  The new Daily outperforms all other vans in its class and offers a wide range of possible engines, gearboxes and rear axle ratios.

The vehicle's interior has been considerably improved.  The cab has become more and more comfortable and silent,  with seating comfort and steering facilities similar to high class passenger cars.  The ergonomy of the interior -belonging to the top in its class- implies a better sound proofing, better air conditioning and an excellent driving comfort, regardless of the loading.

The Daily 2014 is strong, versatile, easy to drive and attractive thanks to its new design.  This van is the highlight in the continous improvement process of a product that has been playing a key role in the evolution of light commercial transport for 35 years.