DAF CF Euro 6

  • Leading in versatility
  • Excellent driveability
  • Highest payload capacity
  • Robust
  • Great visibility and safety

Regional, national or international transport, flat asphalt or bumpy yards, the DAF CF  copes with it all.  Truck or tractor - this type is available with two, three or four axles.  Its multifunctional frame, built to meet the requirements of intensive use, enables the CF to perform under all circumstances and for all applications : tank and bulk transport, heavy construction use, collection of garbage or regular distribution.

The new DAF CF Euro 6 can count on efficient drivelines, offering the haulier a wide range of possible state-of-the art PACCAR-engines (PX-7, MX-11 en MX-13), with power outputs varying from 164 KW (220 hp) to 375 KW (510 hp).  This extensive selection of engines proves the diversity of the CF-programme, offering the perfect driveline for each application. 

DAF nieuwe CF interieur
DAF nieuwe CF dashboard
DAF nieuwe CF logo

Such a wide scale of transport applications implies the need for different cab varieties.  The CF is available with a practical day cab, a sleeper cab or a spacious Space Cab with a height of 2,23 meter. All cabs combine limited external dimensions with surprisingly big interiors, are easily accessible, ensure great visibility and are ergonomically sophisticated.

The CF is compact on the outside to facilitate a high level of agility. It is suited for numerous applications, thanks to a low kerb weight for high payloads, a solid design,  powerful engines and an extensive choice of frames and axle configurations.  

Vehicles in the class of the CF, suitable for the most diverse applications, are often required to have a PTO.  Superstructures like a refrigerated body, a tipper or a crane can be built upon the chassis.  Tailor-made CF's offer a wide variety of PTO's. 

To help you find your way around this extensive range, our sales specialist will be more than happy to assist you and find the best match for your business, entirely tailored to your needs as a haulier.