TH Trucks is the division of TH Group that specializes in vehicles:  the sales of trucks, trailers and vans, on the one hand, servicing them on the other hand.  As far as trucks are concerned this division is an official distributor of brands like DAF and IVECO; our branch in Moscow is also the official importer of Ford trucks and the Chinese brand Dongfeng for Russia.

TH Group has a network of 24 dealerships and service points spread across 5 countries : Belgium, France, Bulgaria, Russia and Belarus. We believe that our customers should be able to count on the same quality of service, approach and working methods regardless of their location. In this sense, you could say that TH Group specializes in moving frontiers.

We want to offer our customers a full range of services and parts, but the very first step is the purchase of a vehicle. This is where our experienced sales teams come in. Customers rely on our experts for quality advice when purchasing new trucks, vans and trailers. The quality of this service is attested by our recent renewal of the ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate in Belgium and France. In 2015 we have set the goal to obtain the ISO 14001 certificate.

In order to meet the diverse needs of our customers, we invested in long-term partnerships with Fiat ProfessionalNissan and Kögel trailers. This move was not only intended to boost our sales, but also to offer our customers a wider variety of possibilities.  Today, TH Group serves every kind of customer, from owners of self-employed businesses to managers of huge fleets that require thorough maintenance and are supported by us through our proactive planning system.