Cramaro tarpaulin systems

We are a distributor and an official service point for Cramaro.  This Italian manufacturer produces patented tarpaulin systems for the transport sector.

The Cramaro tarpaulin systems are unique and fit to cover various types of cargo, such as sand, gravel and all kinds of commodities.  Not only does the tarp protect the load, using it also has a positive impact on the fuel consumption, even for an unloaded vehicle. 

All Cramaro systems are designed in a way that the user can control them from the ground.  This naturally contributes to the driver's safety.  Moreover,  thanks to its user-friendliness the driver's work pace increases considerably.

The system most commonly used in Europe is the Cabriolé.  This system can be installed on most trailers and semi-trailers and can easily be adapted to the individual needs of the user. 

The tarp is available in various materials : PVC, flame-resistant PVC in different colours or polyurethane (for asphalt).  As mentioned before, the system is controlled from the ground, electrically operated by means of a remote control.

Besides the popular Cabriolé Cramaro has numerous other systems in its range : tarpaulins for the agricultural sector, special systems for covering smaller trailers or semi-trailers, coverage of coaches, ...