Box bodies Aluvan

In our Walloon branch in Namur you can have an Aluvan box body mounted  on your vehicle. We can offer this service for vehicles of different brands and types :  Iveco Daily, DAF LF, ...

The box bodies are available in different dimensions, and in various materials, depending on the transport application it will be used for.  We build trucks for common package transport, but we can also make use of insulated panels for refrigerated transport.

We are officially certified by the ministry to carry out this kind of work and we deliver the built-up truck to you with the accompanying COC-certificate.

Once the body has been built up, if you should want us to, we can also mount a tail lift on the vehicle. To obtain more information about the possibilities and the different specifications of Aluvan box bodies , don't hesitate to contact your local dealer.  

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