Kögel Cool

  • Transport of fresh and frozen food
  • High payload capacity
  • Low kerb weight

Consumers are becoming more and more exigent and take it for granted that fresh food products are always available.  The food industry wants to live up to these expectations, which results in a higher demand of trailers for fresh and deep frozen food.

In order to meet this demand, Kögel developed a flexible refrigerated trailer, with a higher payload capacity but light at the same time, adapted to the specific needs of the market.  The Kögel Cool is the answer to the requirements of the sector, with its optimal volume and low unladen weight.  Some other characteristics of this trailer are its stability, durability and low maintenance costs.

The Kögel Cool complies with  the highest standards of hygiene.  The surfaces of the side walls are smooth and easy to clean. A fully-recessed anchor rail optimally secures the load over the entire load length of the trailer.  Four-fold lip seal on the portal doors ensures a good seal and thus less energy consumption.  

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Philippe Neuville

Project Manager Cramaro & Sales Kögel

+32 497 42 70 18