ARDOR Cement silo

We are a reseller of Ardor cement trailers.  These trailers are light, but very strong and easily unloaded.   Every component is screened in detail for its reliability.  The trailers are available in different volumes, the most commonly used being the versions with a volume of 39m³ and 34m³ , for transport of cement or other powdery and fine-grained products.

Customization is possible : customers can choose from a range of connections, axles, painting, etc.  For these trailers, the standard includes aluminium rims, 4 outlet hoses, a manual shut-off valve at the rear, brass valves to conduct the air, a pneumatically-folding handrail, a spare wheel holder and a tool case.

On request we also supply bulk semi-trailers with a Vogelsang pump integrated in the wheelbase, with discharge pipes on the side to transport slurry (dairy products, puree, etc.). As an option, a water tank with spray system can be mounted inside the trailer.  For corrosive products the interior coating of the silo is resistant up to 80°C - pH 2, or even stronger if necessary.