Toll Collect

  • Installation of the On Board Unit - OBU
  • Repairs of On Board Units of all brands
  • Data processing

TH Group concluded a service agreement with Toll Collect GmbH. Thanks to this partnership we can install and maintain your vehicle equipment for the Toll Collect system.  

To avoid misunderstandings we want to point out that as a haulier you are responsible for registering with Toll Collect yourself.  We are a mere service point and don't have the right to intervene for your registration.  Once you have registered and have a Toll Collect account for the automatic booking system and after you have received your vehicle pass, our workshops can install the On Board Unit for you.

We perform all repairs to your On Board Unit, OBU-antenna, DSRC-module and wiring.  

We also want to draw your attention to the fact that you should communicate any change in your license plate for us to register it.  This needs to be done to avoid problems such as being identified as a toll evader at Toll Collect checkpoints.