• Lower fuel consumption
  • Competence
  • Approved SME portfolio


Ecodrive is a certified training, part of the required retraining for drivers and is a hands-on course.  After having taken a first ride, the participants get a small theoretical presentation, followed by a second ride.  This second ride is corrective and the participant is coached intensively and individually and is shown how to optimize fuel consumption. 

In order to live up to its ambition of offering a representative training, Turbotrucks Acadamy invested in a tractor-trailer combination, with a trainweight of about 40 ton.  The truck is equipped with 6 seats, a double dashboard, informative displays and a double gearbox control.  The torque and power curve are individually adapted to the participant.  This course is also accessible for non DAF-drivers.


Details Ecodrive

Price per  person : tailor-made, 
depending on the formula
hours : accounts for 7 of  35 obligatory training hours
participants : 6 persons for a training of an entire day, up to 20 persons for 2 sessions of  half a day
where : depending on the customer's location
certificate : is available within 5 working days after the training

Fabienne Van den Broecke

+32 56 73 07 84