Wheel alignment

  • Tyre wear reduction to 30%
  • High technological wheel aligning equipment
  • Also for trailers

Trouble with premature tyre wear? Have your truck aligned in one of our workshops. Not only will you increase your safety on the road, your fuel consumption will decrease and your tyres will last longer. Don't forget the alignment of your trailer! It is easier to drive a carefully aligned truck or trailer!

Our workshops are equipped with high technological aligning devices with a rotating laser, which permits an accurate adjustment of the axles. We use the JOSAM-i-track system, a system that enables a quick and efficient diagnosis of the wheels.

Did you know that

- various tests have shown that well-aligned vehicles can account for a fuel consumption reduction of  8 % and for 30 % less tyre wear? Besides the benefit of saving costs, an accurately aligned vehicle offers more driving comfort, is better for the environment and improves safety in traffic.

- a deviation of the rear axle of your truck and the axles of your trailers account for 80 % of front tyre wear?