Calibration of tachographs

  • All brands
  • Efficiency thanks to our chassis dynamometer
  • Possibility for repairs

With a strict legal regulation of working and rest periods, it is very important to have your bus equipped with a well-functioning and correctly calibrated tachograph. All our workshops are certified by the Federal Ministry of Mobility and Transport ( Federale Overheidsdienst Mobiliteit en Vervoer) to carry out the legally required calibration of tachographs.

ijken tacho

Every workshop has at least 3 mechanics with the necessary qualifications to calibrate these devices. This ensures a quick service and helps us to minimize your downtime. To facilitate an efficient calibraton, we dispose of a chassis dynamometer in almost every location.

Our workshops can perform repairs to tachographs or we can replace your faulty device by a refurbished one. We can supply both hardware and software for digital tachographs ànd a user's pass for your driver.