Sometimes the rear-wheel drive of a truck is not powerful enough to do perform according to the circumstances.  Just think about vehicles that occasionally drive off-road or on sand and gravel roads and slopes, or about building materials that need to be delivered to a wharf across muddy terrains.   

Until recently,  hauliers chose for vehicles with a mechanically driven front axle for this kind of missions.  Since they were not efficient and they were responsible for a lot of extra weight,  several constructors offered a hydraulically-driven front axle for their vehicles.  GINAF, the specialist for offroad vehicles and DAF joined their forces to develop a solution for their customers. The result of this cooperation has been released recently :  the HYDROAXLE+.

What exactly is the HYDROAXLE+?

In vehicles with a Hydroaxle+, the standard front axle is equipped with hydro engines in the wheel hubs, each hydro engine providing a torque of 6900Nm.  The oil pressure is provided by an oil pump, which on its turn is driven by the engine P(ower) T(ake) O(ff).

Traction on request

The Hydroaxle+ can provide additional traction any time the driver needs it.  The system can be switched on and off whenever necessary.  If the vehicle is not driving faster than 25 km an hour, you don’t even have to switch off the engine.  Unlike other systems in the market, the Hydroaxle+ can be combined with an automatic gearbox.


Low fuel consumption

The Hydroaxle+  only requires energy when the system is active.  Moreover, the internal resistance is low. That’s why these vehicles consume a lot less than vehicles with a mechanically driven front axle.  Thanks to its low weight of no more than 450 kg, the Hydroaxle+  contributes to a low nett weight of the tractor-trailer combination.  Besides, the system has no influence on the turning radius of the vehicle at all.

Available all the time

Thanks to a perfectly working cooling system, the axle does not get hot and the system is not automatically switched off, not even under the heaviest circumstances.

The advantages of the HYDROAXLE+ :

  • Additional traction any time, without stopping the vehicle
  • Low fuel consumption
  • No limitation of the turning radius
  • Low deadweight
  • Always available, even under severe conditions

With all these features, GINAF and DAF strive for the perfect solution for exceptional transport.

Not convinced yet?  Take a look here