Delivery to Eurospeed OOD from Bulgaria


Eurospeed OOD ordered 120 new DAF XF 460 FT Tractor-Units at Turbotrucks Bulgaria LTd.

In June 2015 we delivered the first 40 trucks.

In October 2015 we delivered the second batch of 30 trucks.

Eurospeed is a privately owned Bulgarian transport company with limited responsibility, registered in 1994. It started its transport activities in 1991 as a transportation department within the largest Bulgarian wine exporting company,  carrying wine from the interior of the country to the Port Of Thessaloniki.

For more than 20 years Eurospeed has been a preferred carrier of wine form Bulgaria to Western Europe delivering directly to the largest retailers' warehouses such as TESCO, SAINSBURY’S, SOMERFIELD, WAITROSE, MORRISONS, etc. under the most strict requirements.

We would like to thank Eurospeed for its trust and confidence in our group and we are looking forward to expanding our cooperation in the future.