• Opening of a new trucks service point TH Trucks Aalst (Belgium)
  • Take-over of the garage activities of Fraikin in Differdange, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 
  • Opening  of a new trucks service point TH Trucks Saint-Quentin (France)
  • Opening  of a new trucks service point TH Trucks Dunkerque (France)
  • Opening of new trucks service points in Tsjeljabinsk and Sint-Petersburg (Russia)
  • New TH Turbos & TH Parts branches in Kiev (Ukraine)
  • Roncq Poids Lourds becomes TH Trucks Roncq
  • Closure of  HP Turbo Gennevilliers
  • Renovation of  TH Trucks Hainaut
  • Start new building of  TH Trucks in Sofia (Bulgaria)
  • Opening of a new building for TH Trucks Roeselare in Hooglede-Gits (Belgium)
  • Opening of the new TH Group headquarters in Hooglede-Gits (Belgium)
  • New branches in Russia : Rostov, Tolyatti, Ufa, Volzhskiy, Yekaterinburg, Saratov, Rostov-na-Donu  and Kaliningrad
  • TH Group 40 years
  • TH Group (75%) opens a new Parts and Turbo branch in Warsaw, Poland, together with a local partner (25%)
  • TH Group becomes the official KOGEL dealer for Belgium
  • TH Group becomes an official Dong Feng dealer .....
  • TH Group becomes and official dealer for Fiat Professional
  • opening of the newly built dealership in Moscow (Russia)
  • Renovation of the garage Namur (Belgium)
  • opening of a DAF service point in Reims (France)
  • creation of a joint-venture (THG 51%) for DAF dealership Minsk (Belarus)
  •  centralisation of the parts warehouses in Roeselare (Belgium)
  • opening DAF dealership Spillier-Decock Gent (Belgium)
  • partnership for DAF dealership in Liège (Belgium)
  • start of a turbo branch in Romania through a joint-venture
  • acquisition of DAF dealerships HVNI in Rouen and Le Havre (France)
  • acquisition of remaining 50 % of the shares in the Bulgarian activities 
  •  start of Turbos Hoet Tachy (France)
  • opening of the DAF service point Arras Poids Lourds (France)
  • opening of the Truck service point in Plovdiv (Bulgaria)
  • opening of a Truck service point in Liège (Belgium) 
  • acquisition of Turbo World (Turbos) in the Netherlands
  • purchase of construction land for further developments in Bulgaria and France
  • Ackermans & Van Haren acquires 50 % of the new Turbos Hoet Group n.v.
  • Start of the new TH Group
  • acquisition of Universal Trucks with 4 dealerships in Wallonia (Belgium)
  • start of Turbos Hoet Russia n.v. and integrationof the existing DAF dealer for Moscow (Russia) 
  • start of DAF dealership DAF Spillier Decock in Gent (Belgium)
  • acquisition of HP Turbo (turbos) with branches in Gennevilliers, Toulouse and Avignon (France)
  • acquisition of DAF dealership Decroix in Brussels (Belgium)
  • start of DAF dealership Ieper Trucks & Trailers (Belgium)
  • start of DAF dealership St-Omer Poids Lourds (France)
  • setup of a branch in Bulgaria
  • start of the DAF dealership Brugge Trucks & Trailers (Belgium)
  • acquistion of DAF dealership Decock in Harelbeke (Belgium)
  • acquisition of Spillier DAF Trucks in Torhout (Belgium)
  • acquisition of Devriendt (parts) in Moorsele and Deurne (Belgium)
  • creation of TIR Serwis in Poland
  • start of the first DAF dealership Lille Poids Lourds in Séclin (France)
  • opening of a branch in France 
  • opening of a branch in The Netherlands 
  • foundation of Turbos Hoet by Alfred Hoet, activity focus on turbos