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TH Group

Full-option solutions for the transport sector


TH Group is a leading, international automotive distributor and retailer, represented in 10 European countries. The activities of the group are organised around 4 pilars : TH Trucks, TH Parts,  TH Turbos and TH Lease. 

TH Trucks

TH Trucks offers a wide range of brands for trucks, trailers and vans, such as DAF,  Iveco, Fiat Professional, Fuso, Nissan, Kögel, ...  We want to offer our customers the very best service at any moment and in any circumstance.  We go 'exteme in service' and do everything to live up to that mission. We can not risk to endanger the continuity of your business.

TH Parts 

TH Parts offers a huge assortment of parts for trucks, personal cars, trailers and also small material for the workshop.  We guarantee a quick delivery of the right part at the best price.  

TH Turbos

Turbo’s Hoet is the ‘Number 1 in turbo’s'.  For 45 years already our customers have been making use of our knowledge and experience.  And in the meantime, we have sold over one million turbos.  The  stepping stone of our succes is our large stock, our profound technical knowledge and the 2-year warranty that we offer.

TH Lease

TH Lease can provide long-term-financing for the purchase of your commercial vehicles, such as trucks, trailers and vans.  We also rent vehicles for a short term to customers who temporarily want to expand their fleet.  The fleet of TH Lease exists of approximately 4.500 vehicles,  and about 1.950 other vehicles  such as trailers (tautliners, reefers, tilts …) and a varied range of vans (Iveco and Fiat Professional).