Number one in Turbo's

Logo Number One In TurbosFrom new to remanufactured turbochargers, for every market segment and type of vehicle, regardless of year of manufacture or budget. Turbo’s Hoet has a solution for all turbocharger related matters. As a leading international turbo supplier with our own remanufacturing facilities in Europe, we offer tailor-made solutions for wholesalers and distributors.

First-class quality in remanufactured turbos

In our optimised remanufacturing process, we apply strict quality controls and remanufacture in accordance with factory standards. Each turbo that we remanufacture is therefore guaranteed to be of the highest quality. This allows you to provide your customer the most reliable and durable solution at a fair price.


Maximum availability

Our optimized process allows us to remanufacture turbochargers efficiently and in high quantities. This assures you of high delivery rates and a wide range of turbochargers.


You decide...

Turbo's Hoet is distributor of various turbo manufacturers. This enables us to offer not only remanufactured turbochargers, but also brand new turbochargers. This allows you to optimize your product range to your customers needs. In addition, we offer a wide range of extra services and technical support that allows us to provide you and your customers with maximum convenience.