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62128 Wancourt

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Работно време

TH Trucks Arras, formerly known as Arras Poids Lourds, was founded in 2007, but the TH Group alltogether has over 35 years of experience. Situated at the exit of toll booth Arras near motorway A1, in the new and continuously developping industrial park Artois Pôle 2, our workshop is very easily accessible.

TH Trucks Arras is a branch of the TH Group : an international group well-known for sales of trucks, trailers, spare parts, service and financing solutions. We have a network of dealers of brands such as DAF, Nissan, Iveco and Kögel in the North of France and Belgium.

Our skilled and highly-qualified personnel is trained to service and repair all truck and trailer brands, no matter what the cause of the breakdown : electrical problems, mechanical issues, body work, hydraulics, straightening of truck and trailer chassis, painting on all materials in our spray booth (plastics, aluminium,…). We have state-of-the-art equipment at our disposal, which allows us to offer you a wide range of services : preparing vehicles for technical inspection, installation and calibration of tachographs, maintenance of cooling parts, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, transmission, … ) We can service your vehicle from A to Z.

Because we won’t let you down on the road, we offer you a 24 hours a day assistance in cooperation with ITS (International Truck Servcie). We guarantee efficient technical support to get you up and running again as quickly as possible.

Our warehouse disposes of a large stock of spare parts, almost 4000 articles of various brands. Thanks to our network, we can order and deliver parts from different suplliers and from our international warehouses.

Our sales department will advise you to configure your new vehicle, entirely tailored to your needs and giving you full satisfaction for many miles.

Due to all previous reasons and thanks to our 40-year experience, our team knows what your needs are. Whatever problem you are faced with, we have a solution for you since TH Trucks is your partner on the road.

Benjamin Vannier

Sales responsible Nissan TH Trucks France

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TH Trucks Arras


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+33 3 21 60 43 21

TH Trucks Arras


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Pascal Collet

Site Manager

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+33 321 60 43 21

Guillaume Blicharski

Sales DAF

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Olivier Duponchel

Sales parts

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Maxime Wecxteen

Sales Kögel

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Bart Dobbels

General Manager TH Trucks France

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